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Botala Energy Solutions is one of the first engineering companies in South Africa providing turnkey biogas plants of all sizes.


The head office of the company is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Our service portfolio not only includes the feasibility design, engineering and construction of biogas plants but also technical services, energy optimisation and operation support. Whether utilising biogas directly for heating and cooking or convert it into electricity, Botala Energy offers one-stop resolution to suit customer’s specific needs.

As the demand for renewable energy increases and the environmental awareness rises in Africa specifically southern African regions, Botala Energy Solutions is well-positioned to provide the better alternative energy solution to this incredible continent

We believe in being environmentally responsible in all our actions and ensuring that our products yields the best outcome for our clients as well as the environment.



Our common vision is to grow profitably, sustainably and inclusively, while delivering value to all stakeholders through technology and the talent of our people in the renewable energy markets in Southern Africa and worldwide.

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