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5.5 MW(thermal) bio-CNG 
Gas Sales Plant, Free State, South Africa.


Approved funding from DBSA, the Green Fund, for the design, financing, procurement, installation, monitoring and operation of a Biogas plant for the production of upgraded, purified and compressed methane gas (bio-CNG) plant linked to the Lukhanyiso Food & Energy Center, 2015 ongoing. Botala Energy has also been awarded the Operation and Maintenance contract for the facility due to be commissioned in the last quarter of 2017.

Feedstock: Produced energy crops of Sweet Sorghum grass silage.

Lukhanyiso Bio-CNG Facilty

Greenway Farms Biogas

3.5MW (thermal) raw biogas plant, Krugersdorp, South Africa.

The design, construction and commissioning of a biogas plant for the supply of raw biogas for the food processing factories' steam boiler, 2015.

Feedstock: Vegetable residue from food processing, and grass silage.

Tswane Food & Energy Centre Biogas Power

100kVA Biogas power plant

The design, construction and commissioning of a 100 kVA biogas plant for the supply of green power for the off-grid Tshwane Food & Energy Center agri-village, processing and retail facilities, 2016.

Feedstock: Sweet Sorghum grass silage, Discarded Vegetables & other farm residue.

Caesarsvlei Biogas Power

12.5kVA Biogas Power Plant.

The design, construction, commissioning and operation of a 12.5 kVA biogas plant for the supply of off-grid power for agricultural production on a farm, 2014.

Feedstock: Layer Chicken Manure

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